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In Memory (I-X)

In my series, Exploring Memory, I address the nuances of memory as a constant reconstruction of experiences. Working within an interdisciplinary mixed media practice, I utilize painting and projection sculpture to explore memory as an abstraction of the mind. Akin to my cognitive processes, the abstract qualities of these works coalesce the nuances of my experiences and visualize the fluidity and transitory nature of memory. 


I dedicated this series to explore my memories of Still Creek; recalling the sounds of trickling water, distorted reflections of the surrounding flora, and sunlight dancing across the water’s surface. Still Creek is anything but still; it is chaos, power and serenity. The arrangement of colour and texture in Exploring Memory are derived from the subtle details of Still Creek. This series aims to capture the emotional resonance nature holds within my memories and invites the viewer into a realm of abstracted familiarity; recalling their own memories and experiences in connection with the colours, shapes and movement explored within my work. 


Seeded within contemporary Visual Culture, my projection sculpture “Frequent-Sees” embodies the integration of digital media into modern life and its capacity to augment perceptions of reality. My abstract mixed-media paintings reference memory as fragmented simulations of moments past. The mind has the capacity to recall, create and recreate its own experiences through the passage of time. As details fade, my recollection of events become its own reality.

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